It varies from wedding to wedding, and depending on the time of year, but most wedding films are delivered in a 3-6 month range.
Ultra HD (often referred to simply as 4K) is four times the resolution of HD or 3840x2160 pixels. All of our cameras have this capability since 2015. Beginning in 2020 we are filming all weddings in 4K including the base package. Editing and delivery in 4K widescreen (3840x1606) is included with Highlights Films and Teaser Trailers.
The exact number of cameras depends on the specifics of the shoot, but we generally use 3-4 cameras during the ceremony, and 2-3 cameras for most of the reception, with single camera coverage for getting ready footage and cocktail hr..
Once your edit is finished, we create an archive copy of the finished video(s), which is kept indefinitely. We recommend keeping your own backups (preferrably in cloud storage), but if you ever need a new copy, as long as the archive drive still works, we can send you a new copy.
Our first wedding was New Year's Eve 2009, and we have filmed hundreds of weddings large and small in the years since.
For most weddings in New England there will not be any travel charges. Weddings requiring travel by air or sea will include travel charges.
No, we don't do interviews of guests, ideally, we want them to forget they are being filmed. We find this produces the best results for a great wedding film.
Generally, we want to get natural looking, candid footage of you and your guests, so we try to stay out of the way, and blend in to the background to the extent that is possible. This means filming from off to the sides when possible, and taking advantage balconies or other places where we can place cameras out of sight. By using a multicamera approach we are able to get good reliable coverage of events for the documentary edit, while also selecting the right camera/lens combination at the right moment to get the cinematic shots.
The music in the highlights film, and any music we add to the documentary film, must be licensed from a publisher specifically for use in the wedding film. This is called a sync license. We cannot use music that is bought retail (or downloaded from youtube), so the vast majority of popular music is not available. While we try to select the best music to work with your wedding film, from what is available, we would be happy to provide a link to the music library so that you can select a song yourself.
No, we don't use on camera lighting, for several reasons, not the least of which is, nobody likes having a bright light shined in their eyes. We have lights on light stands for the reception, which can be adjusted to match the color of the ambient light in the room (from daylight to candlelight). Once the room lighting is dimmed for dancing, our lights are usually at their lowest setting, so the lighting on the dance floor is similar to the candlelight at the tables.
A second videographer is included with the Platinum package. At some weddings I will have an assistant, depending on the location and logistics of the wedding.
Jim Merchant films all weddings at Pirates Lane Video as the primary videographer.